Puerto Rico Program

For the month of October, Ha Ha Hanley will be offering certain website services — converting Flash content to HTML5, optimizing content for mobile devices — in exchange for donations to The Ricky Martin Foundation Fund that benefits Puerto Rico. Our present capacity is 10 hours per week, as this is all from Matt but could be expanded.  Here’s his note :


First, check the Public Calendar for this week’s capacity. Send an email to DM@HaHaHanleycom introducing yourself and your website.  I or an assistant will get back to you within a day. If your situation merits work, we’ll send an estimate. This will have a dollar amount that is equal to what you will have to donate to Ricky Martin’s fund for Puerto Rico.  We will speak on the phone or in person to get on the same page. If the work is agreed to, you’ll show proof of your donating the lessor of one-half or $100 of that contribution. The needed work will be completed and presented to you. When you are happy with the results, you contribute the balance of the work cost to the Ricky Martin Foundation, and instruct us where to upload or send files.

Remove your Flash content. It’s not Kosher!


The methods to transform Flash content to HTML5 are well-established and I am well-practiced at it. Depending on whether you still have the “.fla” Flash files, and to what degree you want to freshen up the content, the time to convert Flash could be as little as 2 hours. In many cases, it might be wise to remove the animation aspects completely. It’s a creative decision; sometimes it’s best to reduce or remove rather than re-create.

As for “mobilizing” a website, the methods are also well established and practiced. We’ll identify low-hanging fruit and assure that the key content is displaying on phones and then plan for moving over the secondary content.  The work is done in a systematic way that has a ripple effect. A common time frame would be 4 hours.

Of all the programming challenges and creative endeavors these times provide, this is kid’s stuff.  But, is essential. Your customers expect to SEE AND READ your website; not being able to will send them elsewhere and gives a bad impression.

Another force for speed is Ha Ha’s motivation to send funds to Puerto Rico as soon as you can. And your work will be done by a professional who cares about quality, the work, and the people of Puerto Rico.


You can depend on me to see that the work is done to your satisfaction and that you enjoy the process. I have earned more than 100 Positive Reviews on LinkedIn, AirBnB, Couch Surfing, EBay combined. I worked as a full-time contractor to The New York Times for more than 5 years, solving a variety of technology problems and helping the company quadruple digital subscriptions. Learn more about me and my experience at HanleyCan or at LinkedIn.


If no availability in this week, then inquire about another week. We can reserve that time for you based on an estimate and chat — and verified first donation to the fund.

The website services offered for this program are limited to Flash conversion and Mobile-optimizing. Non-website services, if capacity available, can include guitar lessons or any of the services provided by “Hire Ha Ha.

Ha Ha Hanley does have business to conduct. Please do not waste our time with foolish inquiries. Notice : we do no work for antagonistic, mean-spirited organizations / people.

Costs are based on an hourly rate of $100/hour.


Check the calendar.

Send an email introducing yourself / site to DM@HaHaHanley.com

Shortcut: If you do not need to use this program, please donate to the fund anyway.